Hasene initiates urgent winter aids for refugees

7 Aralık 2015

Winter is upon us. The temperature is below zero during nights. Winter is a nightmare for those who do not have a roof over their heads, a mattress to cover with. Especially refugees are most exposed to the cold. Due to the war, these refugees who were compelled to leave their countries are now facing a bitter situation in winter. In summer-thin tents, refugees are suffering from cold. In recent years, we have witnessed sad stories of children and elderly dying of cold weather. This year, it is feared that cold weather will aggravate the misery of refugees.

With urgent winter aids project, Hasene is planning to reach those refugees, trying to hold on to life under miserable circumstances and who need a mattress and winter clothes. Humanitarian citizens will be able to send a 20 € package in which a mattress and winter clothing are available. The project targets mainly the refugees in Turkey who are trying to go into Europe. Those who wish to donate can send their donations up to the 31st of December. Last year, Hasene had distributed five thousand mattresses, 16.500 winter clothes to refugees in Reyhanlı, Kırıkhan and Osmaniye.

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Refugee influx into Europe continues

The war in Syria has displaced millions of people in about five years. Neighboring countries have opened their doors, welcoming more refugees than their possible capacity. According to the figures provided by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the number of registered refugees in the neighboring countries has risen to 4.185.302. The number of registered Syrian refugees in Turkey: 2.072.290, Lebanon: 1.078.338, Jordan: 628.175. Furthermore, about 7.6 millions of Syrians have been displaced within the country.

In recent months, thousands of refugees have arrived in Europe. Authorities surmise that the winter season will decrease the number of refugee arrivals in Europe. On the other hand, the influx of ten thousands of refugees continues from the alternate route, called Balkan route, into Austria and Germany. Refugees, especially children and women, who are kept at the crossing points, are struggling to keep warm by building small fires. European countries are taking measures in preventing refugees from dying of cold. Yet, tents set up on borders are not suitable for the harsh weather conditions.

To provide support

With a package worth of 20 €, you can send those refugees mattresses and winter clothing.

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