Over fifteen thousand canned meat were distributed to refugees in France

18 Aralık 2015

During our canned meat distribution campaign at French-British crossing point Calais, we witnessed the misery of Syrian refugees who are trying to stay alive in makeshift tents under the pouring rain. We delivered and rationed canned meat to about eight thousand refugees who were waiting in Calais to pass through England. Muhammed Ünal, Hasene Belgium Representative and Hüseyin Yildirim, Paris Branch Representative also partook in the meat distribution. Refugees and their children are kept waiting in rainy and cold weather, trying to keep warm in makeshift tents before their passage to England. Our aid and relief campaigns will continue. In few days, we are going to supply mattresses to refugees.

You can partake in our aid campaigns with 20 € donations for mattresses and clothes.

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