Our campaigns for the refugees continue

23 Şubat 2016


We discussed aid campaigns in the Schwaben region with Schwaben Branch Representative of Hasene Organization Yusuf Akbaba. During our interview, Akbaba said that as Hasene Organization, they assessed the needs of refugees in the region and that in line of such assessment they directed distributions of aid supplies. He also added that in following days they are to deliver aid supplies to several refugee camps in Memmingen. He continued:

HASENE International e. V.

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“So far, we have visited three camp areas in Ulm, Kempten and Lindernberg and delivered supplies. Refugees stay in various camps, some of which are temporary, and some are permanent ones. In Ulm, we distributed our aid supplies in the refugee camp that hosts about 1.200 people. For now, the camp has been dispersed and vacated. As for the refugees who had been staying there, they are sent to their prospective permanent camps by buses.

There are regional camp officials in each camps, with whom we met and got the required permissions and in line with their directions, we delivered the supplies. So far, along with provisions of canned meat, we also distributed clothes and children footwear. We have received official permission to deliver supplies for 45 permanent camps in Memmingen. We are going to visit these camps in few days. We are going to distribute canned meat. Camp officials also said that we could warm up canned meat and serve. Therefore, we are going to offer and serve warm canned meat after we see and observe the camps.”