Aid to Aleppo from Children

11 Ocak 2017


The students of the Berlin Aziziye Mosque gave away a donation for Aleppo by visiting the Berlin branch office of Hasene. They donated their aid to Hasene, which was raised by their own pocket money. The instructor of the students stated: “We want our aid to be reached to the oppressed in Aleppo. Our children have learned how to share through this donation. We want to thank you for assisting in the delivery of our aid.”

HASENE International e. V.

Kreissparkasse Köln
IBAN: DE80 3705 0299 0149 2890 54

Hasan İstanbul, the representative of Hasene’s Berlin branch expressed his impression of such exemplary behaviour, adding: “It is impossible not to be impressed by this model of behaviour when Aleppo is massacred, and women and children are brutally slaughtered. When the world sees, hears, and speaks no evil by silencing those who are murdered in Aleppo, the awareness of these children and their behaviour in this devastating situation give us hope for future human kindness.”

The students were thanked and awarded a certificate due to their meaningful act.