We have not forgotten the refugees in Europe

28 Temmuz 2015

On the 9th of May, Saturday a food campaign for the refugees was organized by the cooperative work by Werl Önder Association , Werl Municipality and the Hasene Organization in the German city of Werl. The food was distributed to about 75 refugees from Syria, Ghana, Senegal, Bangladesh, India and other countries.

Within the framework of the relief campaign, Mesud Gülbahar (the Hasene Organization Director), Michael Grossmann (Werl Mayor) and Özcan Kuri (IGMG North Rhine-Westphalia Regional Director) made brief speeches.

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In his speech, Gülbahar stated that Hasene Organization conducted active relief works in 86 different countries and added:   “Currently, we are implementing our food package campaigns in 45 countries and sending our voluntary observers to these countries. Along with the poverty-stricken people in Africa, we have desperate people around us, so close to us and we must produce relief and help to them. If our refugee brethren had been able to live in their own countries without problems, they would not have come here in the first place. No one likes to leave their home countries without reason at all. One of our tasks is to provide support and help to refugees in Europe and try to make their lives a bit easier.”

Michael Grossmann, Werl Municipal thanked for organizing such a meaningful event and said, “People from more than 70 countries are living in Werl. In our city, there are 30.000 citizens, 3.000 of which are immigrants. We are an open-city for the refugees. To give a helping hand is a deed that all the religions promote and suggest. Support and help, solely by the municipality, unfortunately fall short; therefore non-governmental organizations need to be more active in such endeavors.”

Özcan Kuri (IGMG Ruhr-A Regional Director) thanked Werl society, the Hasene Organization for its contributions and Werl Municipality for their participation and remarked: “As people living in Europe, we are helping the oppressed, underprivileged and victims of war regardless of religion, language and race differences. I would like to state my appreciation for the support shown to the refugees in the city of Werl.”