We delivered 1300 loafs of bread to the refugees on the Austrian-German border

7 Aralık 2015

The refugee flux into Europe continues increasingly by every passing day. Syrian refugees, who escaped war with the hope of a more secure and peaceful life are being registered and led to country of choice. Thousands of refugees have been entering from the border crossing point between Schärding, Austria and Neuhaus, Germany. State institutions and charities are channeling aids to refugees who, due to intensity of refugee flux, are being kept waiting in the tents built at the border points.

At the border crossing point Schärding, Hasene has delivered about 1.300 loafs of bread to refugees who are waiting to leave for Germany. Bayram Ali Kukal, who is Hasene Austria Linz Representative and also an attendant in charge of the distribution of aids briefed us on the process:

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“Every day about four and six thousand refugees are being brought here by buses under police surveillance. They are kept waiting at the border crossing point Schärding, Austria and then at the German side crossing point Neuhaus, they are being registered and led to their destination. These refugees are from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Among them are also women and children. Being a refugee especially as a woman or kid is tougher than it already is. The weather is getting colder; when it is bitter cold, gas heaters provided in aid tents will not suffice. The tent floors are covered with wooden boards, on which refugees are sleeping. Crossing points are intense and overcrowded.

After registration, further processing takes place according to destination country and residence over. The waiting process can differ from 10 hours to two days. State charities provide hot meals in tents; however, since there is need for more bread, we have been supplying bread. With the support from our charitable businessmen and our branches, we have been able to deliver about 1.300 loafs of bread to refugees in camps. Furthermore, we have also offered pastries that we have specially ordered from bakeries. We will continue our bread distribution. Along with this, we will also distribute canned meat from our Qurban meats to refugees in camps. In the following days, we are going to deliver food packages including beans, rice, pasta and chickpea to refugee tents.”

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