Umra Activities of Hasene has been productive

12 Şubat 2016

Hasene Organization officials partook in Dezember Umra organized by IGMG Hajj-Umra Travel Agency and informed thousands of travelers about works of Hasene.  Introduction presentations took place in Hasene stand in a hotel where Umra visitors stayed and continued for three weeks. Umra candidates donated for aid works including opening of water wells, orphans, urgent aid, adaq and aqiqah qurban and cataract operations. Bayram Ali Kukal, Hasene Austria-Linz Branch representative and Servet Gone, Hasene North Bavaria representative also participated and followed the introduction activities.

Stating that Umra candidates donated for about 56 water well constructions, Bayram Ali Kukal said,  “We encouraged each group to contribute to the opening of a water well. We also informed them that each water well would be named according to the name of the groups’ regions and ‘With the donations of December 2015 Umra visitors’.  Umra visitors from Turkey too, applied for the water well project. I thank all our donators who contributed to our water well project. ”

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Kukal said that they worked hard during those three weeks and added, “Our stand was at the entrance of the hotel, so everyone could see. Along with this, we presented in different stand points some roll-ups that summarized our projects. We also handed out brochures of water well and orphan projects. There were also Adaq, Aqiqa Qurban donations, and donations for cataract-operations and urgent aid campaigns. There were those who gave charities for the poor. Each Umrah group received educational and informative programs. In such programs we had the chance to talk about our relief activities. Alongside our donators, kindergarten kids were among those who visited us. We handed them candies and balloons. Every day, our work started at nine in the morning and continued to the midnight.

Sometimes we told about our projects and works to one person for an hour, and sometimes we introduced our works to Umra visitor groups. There were those who heard about our works for the first time. During one of our introduction activities, we informed an umra visitor who got to know us for the first time about our water well project. He promised he could donate for one. He asked about our further works, in return we told him about our orphan project. He must have been influenced that much that he promised to become a guardian for an orphan.  As he was filling up the application papers, he said he wanted to become a guardian for another and another. So he ended signing up for three orphans. ”

A donator gave up her golden bracelet for water well.

Kukal said that the water well project drew special attention from the groups and shared an interesting event he had witnessed: “As a result of our orphan project works, we had been able to sign up voluntary guardians for about 79 orphans. Umra candidates asked us from which countries we help orphans, how those orphans receive money from us, where and how we open water wells, or if we personally participate in the construction of a water well and so on. Even more, a donator said that he could actually work in the construction of a water well. The most interesting and meaningful thing I remember is when a woman stripped her gold bracelet off her arm and handed it to us for the construction of a water well.”

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