We distributed clothes to Syrian kids

12 Şubat 2016


Within the framework of urgent winter aid by Hasene, mattresses and winter clothes have been distributed. The first round of distributions, targeted especially for refugees, took place in Sancaktepe, Istanbul.  About 25 Syrian kids who receive Quran education in Eyup Sultan Mosque were handed their new winter coats, boots and sweats.  Hasene Turkey Branch official Omer Soyleyenoglu and Germany Branch representative Akil Altuntas participated in the aid distributions.

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Stating that they will continue their urgent winter aid towards Syrian refugees, Omer Soyleyenoglu said: “Some of the refugee kids who received clothes aid come by walking from far away to the mosque for Qoran education. We visited some refugee families at their house and gave heating stoves. They try to continue their lives with the help they receive from us, other aid organizations and their neighbors. We will conduct further our aid distributions. It is much very possible to see Syrian refugees in every Turkish city and they are in need of help.  Further aid distributions of mattresses and winter clothes will take place in Istanbul, Ankara, Aksaray, Afyon, Eskisehir and Aydin. In each city, refugees will receive the total sum of five hundred mattresses, and three hundred winter boots, trousers, sweats and winter coats for the children.”

Maintaining that they made refugee kids happy with the aid distributions and that the efforts of indulging in  Qoran education by Syrian refugees, who left their countries were highly regarded, Akil Altuntas said, “These refugees had to leave their countries and homes due to the war. They endeavor to set their living conditions here. In spite of all the difficulties, their sensitivity at indulging in Qoran education is highly appreciated.  Again, on this weekend about 150 Syrian family will receive mattresses thanks to works of our Hasene Turkey Branch.

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