We delivered winter aids to Syrian refugees in Altindag, Ankara

9 Mart 2016

Within the framework of urgent winter aids, Hasene Organization delivered the aid packages in Altindag Kucuk Mosque, Ankara. During the campaign, 500 families received mattresses; while kids were offered their new winter coats, boots and track suits. Omer Soyleyenoglu, Hasene Turkey Representative and  Ankara Provincial Representative Fahri Eyeci partook in the organization. Along with many Hasene volunteers, Serdar Cora from Hasene Head Office, Muhammed Unal, Hasene Belgium Representative also participated.

Hasene Turkey Branch Operator Omer Soyleyenoglu said, ”Millions of people suffer because of the war in Syria. We are conducting our relief campaigns all over Turkey, supplying the refugees with winter clothing and mattresses. These refugees consider Turkey as a shelter and try to lead their pitiful lives, facing countless challenges in various provinces.”

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”When a child manages to keep warm, to sleep without shaking, for us that is all that matters.”

Stating that the refugees who receive aids, had come only a few months ago, fleeing from Syria, Muhammed Unal said, ”All those people we helped are Syrian refugees. They have been living in slum areas. Children of Syrian refugees receive Quran education in the mosque, where we conducted aid distributions. These little refugees, too helped us carrying and delivering the aid supplies. We provided kids with winter boots. After the distribution, these people had the joy of receiving what they needed most: something to keep their children warm especially during their sleep. I am so  glad to have been able to be part of that.”

Hasene Organization Ankara Official Fahri Eyeci, who organized the distribution of aid supplies said: ”We delivered our aids in the mosque. Before that we had applied for and received the permission by the office of Mufti. The refugees had been brought together from their dwelling places and carried by two buses, authorized by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Since the number of our aid supplies was overcome by the number of the recipients, we had to share. In other words, while a kid received winter boots, another got winter coat. There were so many children and each of them received an item.”

More than 150 thousand refugees are settled in the capital city

Eyeci also said that refugees were eager to go to the capital city with the hope of receiving winter aids. He also remarked that they transferred aids to those who are in need of urgent help: ”Being  the capital city, Ankara is most preferred by refugees as a settling area. According to  official records, more than 150 thousand refugees live in Ankara. After Kecioren, Altindag is the second biggest province of Ankara and almost eighty per cent of the refugees in Ankara dwell in Altindag. They are settled in the houses which had been vacated due to the urban transformation project in the province. Each house hosts about three or four families. These people also pay the rents. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality supports them with food and coal, however, not everyone can benefit because of the high number of people in need. There are families who live way under living standards. There are those who have nothing to eat at their homes. During the weekends, we go to such families and determine the nature and quantity of their needs. Before that, we also did our best to help these refugees by offering them food packages and Qurban meat. We visited houses whose inhabitants need heating oven and mattresses and supplied them with as such.”

Eyeci added that the city has already exceeded its capacity to host refugees. He also thanked all donators of the Hasene Organisation : ”The aid supplies have been delivered to the rightful owners. I thank our brethren in Europe who donated and our Hasene Organization”.

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