They ran for charity

25 Ağustos 2016

They ran for charity

The Sports Tournament for the Youth, organized by IGMG Cologne, Eitorf Branch Youth Organization has been completed. In the tournament, organized annually, many youngsters raced as a means of goodwill and charity. The tournament took place in an indoor sport facility in Eitorf, which was participated by 16 teams from Cologne, North-Rhine Westfalian cities such as Aachen and Bonn. The tournament also hosted many organizations comprised of various nationalities. Donations collected during the tournament has been sent via Hasene to Africa for the construction of water wells. Burak Yilmaz, the Youth Organization Director in Eitorf Branch said: “By means of this sports tournament, we have been able to get to know our brothers from different organizations, furthermore we have helped people commit good deeds. We have received such favorable remarks from our Albanian brothers, they said: ‘We thank you for gathering us here for a lofty aim and enabling us to commit good deed. We got to know each other, did some good work, which we much enjoyed’. Among the teams, there has been a team that has refugee members. When we first organized these tournaments ten years ago, we considered them not as a goal, but as a means to the good work. At the end of these tournaments, we had been able to accomplish: eight Qurban in 2007, construction of a water well in Africa in 2009, medical cataract operations in 2011, collection of financial contribution to educational center of our branch in 2013, financial aids to medical prosthesis operations in 2014, five food packages donations in 2015. Since 2011, Hasene has been delivering our donations to those who need most.”

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Stating that they want to put the collected donations to good use for a water well construction, Yilmaz went on: “Our prophet (pbuh) said: ‘the best of you are those who help others’. So this is our motto. So as to leave a lasting work and decided on this.”

The teams that ranked the highest are as such: Dirilis Eitorf, Albenian Mosque Troisdorf, DITIB Königswinter and IGMG Eitorf.

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