“Hope for millions of people”

21 Kasım 2016

“The Qurban Campaign 2016 has not only exceeded the result from the previous year, but our goal this year,” said the chairman of IGMG Social Welfare Association HASENE, Mesud Gulbahar.

He continued: “Last year we were able to collect 161,650 Qurban donations, this year the number is 162,741. With the motto “donate a Qurban, give hope” we have given millions of people hope and get their prayers of thanks.

HASENE International e. V.

Kreissparkasse Köln
IBAN: DE80 3705 0299 0149 2890 54

The Qurban Campaign was completed with good results, thank Goodness. Worldwide were 404 volunteers in action to observe the campaign personally and handed over Qurban donations to the poor and needy.

The Qurban donations went to the poor and needy, orphans and others in need. Our helpers visited those people who were left alone by their beloved ones.

We thank all those who have entrusted us with Qurban donations. Our thanks also go to all who have been involved as volunteers or representatives in the campaign. ”


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