Brotherhood Overcomes any Obstacles

11 Ocak 2017

“The destination… Is it the place where the road takes us to or do we head for the destination because we want to? The destination we set at the onset is known, but it is the arriving point that is unknown. Inasmuch as we determine our route of life it is always the kismet, our destiny that we find at the end.

Providing support and touching their lives warms hearts of people with disabilities! Now, Mirala is one of them. With the joint initiative by IGMG North Holland Women’s Youth Organization and the Hasene Holland Foundation, a cordless car and a cordless wheelchair were allocated and delivered to Mirala, from Sanjak region of the Balkans.

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Zeynep Sari, who had served as the Hasene supervisor the Balkans as a food store we passed, meets Mirala at a whouse where they had delivered a food package and learns that Mirala has lost the ability that resulted from polio. Mirala, who is only 13 years old, is trying hold on to life with her father and her two sisters. She lost her mother a while ago. Her father accompanies her to the school every day and her brothers support her at home. Mirala, who now goes to the school with the cordless car, is also presented with a wheelchair so that she can attend the school the lessons in an easier fashion.

Mrs. Sari states that Mirala has at first kept silent when she sees the presents, but later her face has glown with happiness. One can easily feel the joy that Mirala is experiencing, who is now able to walk by herself in the village.

Zeynep Sari also said: “Those who supported our humanitarian work that we implemented on the International Day of People with Disabilities made Mirala and her family very happy. I would like to remind you that we have thousands of children like Mirala to whom we must extend our hands. The actual disable persons are those who prefer to ‘ignore’ individuals with disabilities. Much as the seed is a part of the soil, individuals with disabilities are part of our society.