Hasene Organization at Yayladagi Border Gate

23 Şubat 2016

Within the framework of urgent winter aid by Hasene Organization, packages of winter clothes and mattresses have been distributed to refugees in several cities. Recently, the number of refugees in-fluxing to border gates at the Turkish-Syrian border, has increased as a result of ever-growing violence caused by the war. At present, Turkey hosts more than 2.5 million refugees.

Turkey Representative of Hasene Organization Omer Soyleyenoglu met with Yayladagi District Governor Alparslan Altinisik, laying aid issues by Hasene Organization. The District Governor Altinisik stated that they do not turn down any refugees who take shelter in Turkish borders after intense bombardments targeted at Bayirbucak Turkmenians. Altinisik continued: “The region called Bayirbucak has been almost vacated. We have settled refugees who arrived to settlement camps and houses in Yayladagi. Entries by refugees mostly take place in Kilis.” Maintaining that they warned refugees who strive to pass into the Europe, Altinisik pointed: “Following their entry in Turkey, refugees try to find a way to pass through Europe by traveling to Turkish coastal cities. As for us, we warn and ask them: ‘Why do you not stay here? Do you not see those boats that sink, children that die at the sea?’ So many lives have been lost, especially that of children, over the seas in this perilous journey!”

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Emphasizing the fact that much burden falls over non-governmental organizations in terms of humanitarian aids, Altinisik stated: “District Governor’s Office and the Red Crescent distribute humanitarian aids to the refugees who are settled in Yayladagi. Furthermore, non-governmental organizations also extend their support. Yet, we still fall short of meeting the needs. Greater part of responsibility lies in humanitarian relief organizations. These people need much more food, clothes, mattresses and tents.”

Turkey Representative of Hasene Organization Soyleyenoglu also remarked that Syrian refugees, oppressed and needy, continue to arrive in Turkey in increasing numbers, adding: “With our District Governor, we discussed supplies that we need here. We are going to transfer the supplies in accordance with a list we made. Besides, we are planning on visiting Kilis and assessing the situation in situ.”

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