We delivered winter packages to Bayirbucak Turkmenians

23 Şubat 2016


As part of Urgent Winter Aids Campaign by Hasene, winter aid packages have been sent to various countries and cities. About four hundred mattresses, winter coats, track suits and winter boots have been transported to Aksaray, Turkey. Cem Elibol, Hasene Aksaray Official briefed us on the subject of humanitarian aids.

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Elibol said that most of the aids were distributed to Bayirbucak Turkmenians: “Bayirbucak Turkmenians arrived in Aksaray in the last three months. The war already stretched up to the Turkish-Syrian border, as result, region and towns in the area were most affected by it. Therefore thousands of Bayirbucak Turkmenians entered in Turkish lands. They are registered on arrival and given a temporary identity cards. These people, who are farmers in their villages, had to vacate their villages because of bombs falling over their heads. Most of them are blood-related to each other. They are quite fluent in Turkish. The literacy rate among them is lower than twenty per cent. Each family has six or seven children on average. Some children are orphans; so they are with their grandfathers. I could say that we are the first to deliver aid supplies to Bayirbucak Turkmenians in Aksaray. Kids are most delighted to see their brand new winter boots. These kids were either on bare feet or in their slippers in such dreadful weather. Families demand diapers and baby food.”

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