Meaningful Outcome of Food Package Campaign: 80.177 Food Packages

5 Ekim 2016

Meaningful Outcome of  Food Package Campaign: 80.177 Food Packages

Hasene’s 2016 Food Fackage Campaign with the motto: “Increase zour barakah with the Food Package Campaign and make them smile” has been implemented.  The number of food packages targeted originally was 60.000, however, thanks to overwhelming support, Hasene has been able to collect donations of 80.177 food packages. The aids will be distributed to hundreds of thousands of oppressed and suffering people in 52 countries across the world, 30 cities and eight refugee camps in Turkey.

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The Head of Hasene Organization Mesud Gulbahar commented on the campaign:

“Hundreds of millions of people face hunger across the world and millions of people starve to death each year. Wars claim the lives of hundreds of thousands in various countries. Millions of them had to leave their homes and became refugees. Following the refugee influx, Europe closed its doors to people in misery who survived especially to women, the elderly and children. In such time of despair with donations from our sensitive people, we have reached beyond borders and our target-plan and received 80.177 food package donations.

Income inequality in the world is getting worse. At several international conferences reports that disclose numbers and conditions of poverty and suffering in the regions populated by the oppressed and unjustly treated people; summits consisting of world’s leading countries have been held and opinions have been exchanged. There is plenty of theoretical information yet the practical actions are close to nothing. Indeed, what we need to do is to take small steps and take action. Therefore, thanks to each of our donators who took small steps, we have been able to collect more than 80.000 food provisions that will be distributed to hundreds of thousands of people. In this context, we consider such donations by volunteers very important.

I would like to extend our thanks to all our sensitive donators, who contributed to the success of this campaign. With their donations they have displayed a perfect example of caring for others. During Ramadan, they contributed to food tables to people in need. I would also like to thank our representatives, volunteers and observers that helped our campaign be successful. They have strived for the good of people in need across the world.”

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