Hot meals offered to 600 Syrian Refugees in Ankara

11 Ocak 2017

About six hundred Syrian refugees including orphans, disabled, widows and elderly people received hot meals in Altindag district of Ankara. The distribution was conducted by Ankara representative of Hasene Turkey Branch. Hasene, based in Germany, is carrying out different projects and campaigns in different countries, primarily orphan and water-well projects.

Fahri Eyeci, the Ankara Representative of Hasene Turkey Branch, who participated in the distribution, remarked on the activity and said: “About 200 thousand refugees live in the capital Ankara. The most densely refugee-populated area is the district of Altindag. Here we encounter different human conditions. Refugee children who walk on bare feet, mothers who do not have any food at home and fathers who have lost their arms or legs stand before our eyes as a sad portrait depicting human suffering, which deeply affects us to the bone.

HASENE International e. V.

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With the support of a philanthropist businessman, we served hot meals to those in need. We served roast meat, rice, bread and ayran to about 600 people. The meals, cooked in the Student Dormitory, where the orphans currently receive education, were distributed to the widows, disabled and oppressed refugees in the area, especially to the orphans”.

Expressing that the Hasene Council, which implements humanitarian aid activities in more than 100 countries of the world, is striving to be a shelter to the refugees and that they are inspired by the motto: ‘He is not a believer whose stomach is full while his neighbor is hungry‘, Eyeci continued: “The significant role of such works is great in Turkey, a country that has opened her doors to about 3 million refugees. A meal course we distribute may not solve the problems of oppressed refugees at all; however, being a hope, showing that we have not forsaken them (even if it is only a bowl of hot meal) and being there for them is crucial for their struggle in holding on to their lives.  Let’s not forget that the refugees are in a great test. We are being tested with the refugees in the context of our Prophet’s advice that ‘He is not a believer whose stomach is full while his neighbor is hungry‘. It was thought-inspiring experience for us to witness the happiness and hopeful looks of the children who got in the line for the meals. We received the heart-felt prayers and greetings of the mothers.

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